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The importance of Right Block

Dealing with fake international orders every day, facing an increase in chargebacks, and battling content theft or spying all drain resources. Additionally, owning multiple stores and a complex product range that needs to reach the right buyers can be daunting. Born with the mission of keeping your store safe only with real buyers, we designed Blockify with smart and simple rules to protect your revenue, enhance your customer shopping experience and fortify your competitive advantages

What Makes Blockify Different?

Blockify gives you powerful control over your site


Advanced Block

With Blockify's advanced technology, control site access by blocking IPs, countries, and ISPs, and filter out fraudulent and bot traffic, ensuring your website is open only to real buyers, maximizing the value of high-converting clicks.


Insightful Visitor Analytics

More than a simple blocking tool, Blockify provides in-depth visitor analytics, enabling you to monitor traffic, address fraud risks, and enhance store security.


Smart & Easy Rules

Blockify offers a comprehensive set of block and redirect rules that are easy to implement. Get total control over your store’s incoming traffic, allowing you to customize and grow your store effortlessly.

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Block & Redirect with Ease of mind

Gain unmatched control and customization with Blockify's Block feature, offering a wide range of rules for comprehensive security management.

IP & Geolocation Block: Block visitors by IP, country, or ISP for targeted security measures.
Bot & Fraud Prevention: Robustly filter out malicious bots and fraud using VPN, Proxy, and TOR connections.
Product-Specific Rules: Customize visibility by hiding specific products or collections from designated buyers.

Gain deep insights

Our Visitor Analytics provides information about website visitors, including their IP address, geolocation country, and browser details.

Behavioral Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of visitor behavior through detailed IP information
Threat Level Identification: Identify threats at various levels to bolster your store's defenses.
Source Analysis: Pinpoint exactly where harmful traffic originates
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Enhance Competitive Advantage

Enhance your content security with Blockify's anti-copy feature, designed to protect your intellectual property.

Copy Protection: Prevent unauthorized copying of your site's content with robust anti-copy measures.
Right-Click Disable: Stop spying by turning off right-click on your site.
Shortcut Restriction: Further secure your content by disabling keyboard shortcuts.

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icon_checkLimited block & redirect IP/country
icon_checkStandard visitor analytics: Track first 200 visitors
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icon_checkUnlimited block IP address
icon_checkUnlimited block country, state/city
icon_checkUnlimited block product, collection
icon_checkGeo-location redirect
icon_checkBlock VPN/Proxy
icon_checkUnlimited visitor analytics
icon_checkAuto validate visitors risk level
icon_checkCustom blocking screen
icon_checkContents protection
icon_checkAuto-block visitors
icon_checkFraud order analytics
icon_checkOnline support 24/7

or $50.28/year and save 30%

icon_checkBlock TOR connection
icon_checkUnlimited block and redirect by Internet Service Provider (ISP)
icon_checkDisable right-click and copy shortcuts
icon_checkUnlimited block visitors by referrer URL
icon_checkAuto-block visitors placing fraud orders
icon_checkOnline support 24/7

Listen to Our Real Store Owners

Best blocker app in Shopify app store. Helped us a lot with DDOS and phishing attacks during the sale period. They have an auto VPN tracker that blocks the page if a VPN is used to place an order so no more flags from the payment gateway and customer service is always great.
LC / The United Arab Emirates
The app is great, and the customer support is responsive. It helped us minimize the fraud orders, it's not removed. But they have a new updated feature to solve this issue and hope it will work better! I appreciate the guy’s responsiveness and patience to solve my problems.
The Hippie Collection / Philippines
Totally recommend it. I encountered two problems. One was totally on my side (the IP address that I found on my PC turned out not to be my actual IP address). The other one had to do with the integration into the theme of my website, which was quickly fixed. Customer service was a warm and rewarding experience: very swift response time, patient, friendly, and capable. The app does now exactly what I need it to do.
Crohm / Netherlands
I have a Shopify book store that has 1000+ products and I was greatly concerned that a cyber group had copied content and was stealing my traffic. But I discovered the Blockify App and enable me to block IP"s, Regions, Bots and VPN's as needed to help me further protect my content. I can turn it off and on and it is easily integrated into my 2.0 theme. This is one of the best Apps for more intensified security for your store.
Ashay By The Bay / United States

Frequently asked questions

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